Hi! I'm Andrea, a freelance content marketer who loves to write, learn, and explore.

andrea ibanez freelance writer

I’m a woman with a passion for writing — stories make me happy. I believe in the alluring power of a well-crafted story and its ability to convey messages, inspire trust, and build relationships. It’s not just words on a screen — it’s a bridge to reach your clients and serve them in your unique way. I’m excited to collaborate with you, learn about your business, and create a fascinating story together.

Still curious about me?

Alright! Since you asked…


I was born and raised in Mexico, and now I’m living across the world in a small town in Austria. I’m all about personal development, and I believe everyone should follow their dreams. Whenever I’m not writing for my clients, I’m writing content for my blog or working on my latest piece of fiction. I also enjoy talking walks by the river near my house, planning my next trip, and cuddling my cat Dalí (when he lets me). 


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